DC Grower's Cup 2016
May 27th- C.A.N.G. Facility/May 28th Jerk Station

DC Grower’s Cup is an  annual event to celebrate the legal use and growth of cannabis in the District of Columbia.  This celebration brings together local growers and persons interested in the cultivation of cannabis for personal use to exchange ideas and techniques. The event includes a variety of vendors, subject matter experts and entertainment. There will be free clone/seed distribution and other goodies at the Cup! May 28th at the Jerk Station. Doors open at 1pm

It is free to place an entry in any one of our six categories. The categories this year include: Concentrates, Edibles, Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Hybrid and a Breeder’s Cup.  Go to Enter the Cup for more details.

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This year, the Cup will feature more judges, more categories and two days of activities. On May 27th the Opening Ceremony and Judging will take place at the C.A.N.G.  Facilities and will be open to all ticket holders. Attendees will be able to observe the judging process and if you are lucky you will be able to sample some of the entries. There will also be a performance by Proverbs Reggae Band!

The Awards Ceremony will take Place at JERK Station and will feature a performance by Mateo Monk. There will be vendors, samples, clones, speakers, food and much more!

The First Annual DC Grower’s Cup was a success! 

Thanks to all that attended, promoted and supported this event. Special thanks to the venue, the vendors, the volunteers, the judges and of course the growers that made this possible. We are looking to build upon this great start and include many of the suggestions and great ideas that came from this inaugural event. We are currently planning The Second Annual DC Grower’s Cup scheduled for May 28, 2016. In the meantime, look for us to support other cannabis related events in the DMV and to help increase the number of growers and responsible users of cannabis.


Best Sativa – Tangerine Dream by Medmax
Best Hybrid – The Delano by Medmax
Best Indica – Cherry Pie by DMV Exclusives

The celebration was held at:

 Club Temirhi – International Reggae Club
2439 18th St NW

Washington, District of Columbia

Special performance by King Kanja – International Afro Pop/Reggae artist **

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